Forgery, Fraud, Mystification. A Perspective on Italian Renaissance Literature and Art


The international workshop aims at being, both, a meeting point to examine the procedures underlying the material falsification of art and literary works, and an opportunity to share, discuss and find new approaches to thoroughly study the influence that forgeries and similar practices exercised on the Renaissance culture, with special focus on the Italian context.
The interdisciplinary approach of the workshop also envisages extending the analysis to the cases of fakes studied by art historians, with the aim of investigating substantial issues relating to the production, circulation and fortune of fake works of art in the Italian Renaissance. Overall, the workshop will be designed according to a multidisciplinary perspective and will provide an important opportunity for dialogue between expert scholars and young researchers.

Data: 06.-07.05.2021
Luogo: online. Link a seguire.
Organizza/no: Cattedra di Letteratura Italiana (Jonathan Schiesaro, Marco Nava e Dr. Sara Ferrilli)
Per informazioni:

Call for papers: Nuove prospettive sull’intertestualità e sugli studi della ricezione. Il Rinascimento italiano

La giornata di studi si svolgerà l’11 e il 12 marzo 2021 all’Università di Losanna.

Comitato scientifico: Simone Albonico, Gabriele Bucchi, Uberto Motta, Franco Tomasi, Marta Fumi, Amelia Juri, Natalia Proserpi, Edoardo Simonato

Deadline: 4 ottobre 2020